The Process

Here I will be sharing my thoughs, design and production process.

I will also share DIY modifications if you are willing to get your hand dirty!

 Stay tuned!


I really like this bike.i want to build a bike for me. I like your consept. I need your help to build a bike

Gitesh sawant March 09, 2022

Hi, When will you restock the bike stands?

Clifford Fong January 03, 2022

Anxiously waiting for the RX cowl to be back in stock

Syed Wasif Ali October 05, 2021

Let me know when you get the black seat in stock for the RX

Milo Jensen September 09, 2021

Where are you guys located?

Brandon September 08, 2021

Hello :) I wanted to know is it possible you can help me get or manufacture a battery bracket for the stock battery on the ZX ? I have 2 ZX and would love to take the battery from the other one on the rose with me sometimes to get more range ?

Asia Brighthaupt August 13, 2021

Elijah, your products are amazing and I could not be happier with my new Alcantara seat. Also, the side Molle I ordered were also bomb for my partner’s bike. Thank you so much for your amazing vision and customer service. I will recommend your company to everyone I know. Props!

R.C. July 30, 2021

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