Blur Boundaries

Vintage Ivory Front Plate for Super73 S1, S2, R & RX


These plates are designed for the Super73-S1, S2, R and RX models.
The oversized "73" makes a bold statement with its retro look emphasized by a classic color scheme.

The plate will cover up the headlight on RX but installing and uninstalling is a breeze and does not require anything more than a hex driver. 

R Model does not come with the plate bracket and instead includes 2 "L" bracket and hardware to be mounted under the crown. With the "L" bracket the plate will sit at the same spot as the RX plate.

S1 & S2 uses zip ties to be strapped on to the handlebar or the suspension. 

The matte vinyl decal is mounted on a 1/8" laser cut plastic plate(7.5" x 7.5")


*Make sure to select the right model type for your order.

***Please allow 5-7 business days after placing your order for handling and processing.

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