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AEROTECH 1.0 Wheel Ring (per piece)


The AEROTECH 1.0 wheel ring was inspired by high-performance supercar wheel covers.
AEROTECH 1.0 wheel ring fits on SUPER73-ZX, S2 and RX both front and rear. 

  • AEROTECH 1.0 is installed with self-adhesive tape.
  • Clean the wheel and remove any dirt or leftover water.
  • Peel off the 3M tape on the back, then stick each piece on the lid of the wheel.
  • Make sure to press firmly for 60 sec.
  • Get the perfect adhesion after 48-72 hours.

Each wheel requires 4 pieces (2 pieces per side)
Mix and match the color to fit our bike and if you can't find one you like get a white and DIY to your favorite color.  


*Due to the design, the wheel ring will not work with the existing angled valve stem. We recommend using an inner tube with straight valve stem so it is much easier to check your tire pressure. If not, you will have to remove the wheel ring every time you check the tire pressure or to fix a flat. 

**Front brake line for S2 and RX, might need some minor adjustments to create a greater clearance for the wheel ring. Please check the last 2 photos for S2 and RX on how to make the adjustments.

***The wheel ring will not work with certain bike racks that requires a wheel strap to secure the bike.   

****With the 10 speed kit, you won't be able to mount it on the rear right side of the wheel. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for handling and processing.
All US orders shipping priority mail. 

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